When tourists come to New Orleans, its safe to say they’re captured by the art throughout the city. Whether it’s the artists selling pieces in Jackson Square or the art galleries on Julia Street, the city is full of talent, but the art community in New Orleans can receive a startling blow in the next several months.

President Donald Trump has established the fact that he is looking for ways to cut the national budget, and art communities around the country are preparing themselves for a probable blow to the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities.

With New Orleans’ art community ingrained in its history, finding funding for projects and artists will come to a new battle. While NEA funding has diminished over the past several years, it looks like it might be getting worse.

Through various projects in the past, I have connected with many artists around the city, and the profession is tougher than it seems. Many artists I know are living from painting to painting, hoping their work will one day land them in a gallery.

Art is up there as one of the major essentials to making this city great, along with cuisine and music. Only 12 days into Trump’s presidency with over one-thousand more to go, his current impact can only be defined as immense.


As Always,

Stay Abnormal


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