In my last post, I shared Donald Trump’s plan on cutting the national budget by depleting a portion of the National Endowment for Arts and Humanities. It’s disappointing how early in his presidency Donald Trump is establishing his scheme to run the country like a business, but that’s how it’s going to be.

In order to expand my thinking, I decided to ask artists themselves what they thought of President Trump trimming funding. I wanted to go to some of the main people that will be effected. One of my priorities was to make sure they understood that their personal opinions about the president shouldn’t come out in their answer. I didn’t want their judgement to be clouded with a political answer.

First was the lovely, Laura Franch. An immigrant from Spain, she was a very confident painter. She said her art comes naturally to her and she said it feels very fun to express herself. Selling her art in Jackson Square, she said she doesn’t have a final goal and prefers to live for the now.

I asked her what she thought of Trumps budget cuts and it was obvious she was passionate. “I’m not a political person, but I am a citizen. And as a citizen, that sounds very disappointing for the millions of artists across the country.” Very disappointing indeed, Laura.

You see, painters hope for the day their art gets enough recognition to be brought into a national gallery. It’s like being drafted in professional sports, or even being voted into public office. Being held in galleries is an ultimate goal, but that could change if money is cut. Federally funded art projects or installations wouldn’t have the same attractiveness, if money would be constrained.

Second comes Omega. A painter from Baton Rouge, she says that art is the only thing she has passion for, and it’s her outlet to express beauty through her creativity. She says she doesn’t think the new will effect her personally. She doesn’t think the budget cuts will go through due to the number of protests that have already resulted from Trump’s presidency.

Other artists like Rene Fasol, said they were going to make sure their voices would be heard, and others didn’t mind it, thinking he wouldn’t go through. But in the end, nobody could actually say they supported it, which interests me. They c̶a̶n̶’̶t̶ don’t support their president.

As always,

Stay Abnormal.


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