When we think about the future of New Orleans artists, we think of students. College campuses around the city contain fair amounts of future artists, preparing their craft.

As the next generation of artists begin to take their field of study by storm, one can only imagine the obstacles they’re facing with the snipping of the NEA. Of the many stories I have shared that involve artists in New Orleans, the students were the most intriguing.

According to artsedge.kennedy-center.org, those with a Fine Art degree are currently work outside arts fields,and  54% said their arts training is relevant to the job in which they spend the majority of their time. With roughly 63% being self-employed upon graduation, it’s apparent that the NEA has helped artists get their name out and reach different communities.

Sarah Pitts-Groce, an Art major at Xavier University, said the endowment cut is extremely unnecessary. “The National Endowment for Arts and Humanities are the basis for creative and critical thinking for major companies,” Pitts-Groce said. “Even within communist countries, art has played a great role in distributing information,” she said.

With the current changes in government, and the question of whether or not new sources are credible nowadays, art is a clear explanation to how the world is through a person’s eyes.

Art is an expression of how one can interpret their surroundings. Art gives citizens the opportunity to speak freely and use their right of free speech. Nobody will be taking this right anytime soon, but different art projects around the country will soon be powerless. Is this concept good or bad? Will expanding the national budget help us in the long run, and if so, why is it at the expense of the people?

As Always,

Stay Abnormal.


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