When we think of incredible films, low budget movies are never in the picture. Films in the present time only have one of two goals: to be nominated for an Academy Award, or make the most amount of money possible.

Moonlight is definitely a film that worked with whatever it had, as it was created on a $1.5 million budget. As a film with an all-black cast and homosexual themes, it’s winning of Best Picture at the Academy Awards sends messages to movie studios that awards come to great films, not the other way around.

In 2016, the Oscars were ridiculed for not having enough talented minorities nominated for awards. Many believed it had to do with the end result of “old white men” what were prejudice in their choice of films. Fast forward to 2017, and an all-black cast wins, in controversy, over La La Land, a film that starred two white actors.

One must question whether or not the Academy gave Moonlight best picture in order to not receive backlash, like last year, or the film was just that good. The confusing of on-stage envelopes didn’t make this situation easier, as that situation itself caused backlash on twitter.

From the Oscars being, “so white” to Best Picture’s Moonlight, it’s obvious the Academy has moved into the right direction, acknowledging films that are low-budgeted but have an incredible story. I’m excited to see what would happen at the next Oscars, and if this was a one-time step in the right direction or not.


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