Axiom, a New Orleans-based art collective, held their highly anticipated art showcase, titled Art Madness, Saturday night at the Joan Mitchell Center on Bayou Rd. The showcase displayed their recent work, as well as introduced local vendors and artists within the city.

The smell of fresh paint and artificial air freshener filled the gallery at the Joan Mitchell Center. The soon to be packed venue displayed art pieces which all had some type of personal connection to the black community. The purpose of the gallery was to gather black artists and improve the surrounding community. While people of all ethnic origins showed up, the event drew in more black youth than it ever had before.

While the live music was refreshing and entertaining, T-Ray the Violinist stole the show with his abilities on the small instrument. There was a very powerful charcoal piece by Bryan Brown, a member of Axiom, that was a crowd favorite. It was a noose that contained a dreamcatcher within. The red outlines contrasting the different shades of black and grey made the piece stand out amongst the rest.

Courtney Buckley and Farris Armand both had colorful pieces that contained bright colors and dark faces. One of the many recurring themes at this event was the dark, African faces that took up many of the paintings. It was very soothing to see such subtle, interesting work and the common bond between cultures.

“It’s amazing to see an event like this, put on by artists, for artists,” said Jonathan Adair, an Art major at Loyola University of New Orleans. “It’s my first time coming and I’m excited for the next one.” People like Jonathan Adair said they felt welcomed to the event, and it was a great place for local artists to network and display their art themselves and create relationships.


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