Kendrick Lamar is no doubt, one of the greatest rappers that Hip-Hop has ever seen. His growth from a typical Los Angeles -born rapper, to an industry icon has nothing short of amazing.

One thing that has set Kendrick Lamar apart from other artists is his ability to change the topic of conversation on his albums. From talking about his inner psychosis on Section 8.0, to politics and race on TPAB, Kendrick has shown that he has the ability to versatile in his music.

When we listen to “The Heart, Part (4)”, his newest project’s first single, Kendrick introduces a bravado unlike we’ve ever heard. He calls himself the greatest rapper alive and seems to diss Drake, telling him that Jay-Z is the only rapper above him. He also says that his competition has until April 7th to get their stuff together. From his newly released single, we understand that he isn’t going to be a relaxed Kendrick, reminding us about his debut album, Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, that talked about his upbringing in Compton, CA.

It’s difficult preparing yourself for a Kendrick album, as he always introduces themes of his old projects into his latest one. By that analysis, we should hear about his mindset, gang culture and race playing into 2017. We heard a brief snippet of the Trump presidency and Kendrick’s thoughts on it.

Imagine Schoolboy Q and Isaiah Rashad as appetizers and TDE as a restaurant, with Kendrick being the world famous main course. You’re grateful for the food that will hold you over, but everything you’re waiting for is in the entrée.

For now, we can’t wait to see what Chef Kendrick is cooking, but all we know is that it would be great.


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