This class has helped me think about certain topics I am interested in through various forms of multi-media journalism. From keeping up with my blog, to making sure I have to check on my Twitter, this class has taught me a lot in the world of marketing.

This class taught me how to balance everything, while maintaining a certain level of professionalism. I am thankful to have had this opportunity to be taught by someone who pushed me, and I am thankful for the classmates who encompassed this journey with me.

The biggest thing I can take away from this course is time management. I didn’t always have everything together, but I sure as well understood that without planning, journalism isn’t the road for me. This course taught me valuable traits that I can take with me on my journey to finding a career in journalism or film, as well as traits that can help me within my final two years at Xavier. Every week was different, and that is what kept me engaged in this course; knowing that there was something else to do and another need to fulfill. I will certainly keep up with my blog during the summer. No grade can be worth more than the knowledge I have amassed in this course.


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